luni, 4 august 2014

Vizitati ... virtual ... orasul meu natal Timisoara, Romania/ Visit ... virtually ... my hometown Timisoara from Romania

M-am hotarat sa va fac cunostinta cu orasul meu natal Timisoara, Romania. Am adunat o colectie de imagini vechi si noi, in care am surprins locuri si cladiri care spun o poveste si care duc in sine istoria acestui oras minunat de pe malul Begai.

Seturi suporturi pahare si cani cu orasul Timisoara. Seturile sunt in doua variante: alb-negru / sepia

I have decided to introduce you my hometown Timisoara from Romania. I have gathered a collection of old and new images. I caught places and buildings that tell a story or sometimes they carry on their shoulders the history of the city from the river of Bega.

These are sets of coasters with my hometown Timisoara from Romania. The sets are in black and white or sepia.

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